Sylvakandy Estate Tea


Over the years we have sampled many grades of tea from this estate but felt that their OP grade offering was the best example of the high quality they offer. Sample a pot for yourself and you will discover a wonderfully rich cup with lush floral notes a medium thick liquor and a bright golden cup. Throughout the world of tea Sylvakandy Estate has been associated with exceptionally crafted teas for decades. 

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

 Black Tea

About This Loose Leaf Tea

Sylvakandy is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka in what is known as the Matale District.The location was chosen for its high elevation - the estate's gardens range from 550 to1220 meters above sea level and its the heavy and consistent rainfall - over 110 inches per annum thanks to both the Southwest and Northwest monsoons. Incidentally the factory at Sylvakandy sits at 805 meters above sea level at the estate's approximate halfway vertical point. The estate is split into 4 divisions with a little over 520 hectars.


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