Benefits of Buying our Loose Leaf Tea on Subscription

  • Choose from our extensive range of 150 loose leaf tea varieties
  • A generous discount of 5% on all subscription orders
  • A generous discount of 10% on all prepaid subscription orders
  • Ability to swap / exchange products during the subscription period
  • Ability to add new products to your subscription.
  • Ability to purchase a gift subscription for someone else
  • Ability to skip your subscription
  • Ability to pause your subscription. 
  • No commitments - Cancel or pause you subscription at anytime.
  • Manage your subscription in one central place.

Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Features Explained


By choosing to subscribe to our products you will receive a 5% discount off the selling price. If you opt to prepay/pay upfront for your subscription order, you will receive a total discount of 10% off the selling price.

Swap / Exchange Products

You can change your existing subscription product for another product by simply logging into your account, and  go to the "Manage Subscription" page.

Adding New Subscription Products

Active subscribers can add new subscription products to their existing subscription.You will see the "Add to Existing Subscription" button displayed on any of the product pages. For the button to display you must be logged into your customer account.

Changing your Next Order Date

You can change your next order date by simply logging into your account, and  go to the "Manage Subscription" page. Changing your next order date will affect the order dates for all upcoming orders, the next order will be processed one month from the new date.

Gift Subscriptions

This feature allows you to purchase a subscription order for someone else. On the product page select subscribe and then select prepay for your subscription and tick the gift option. At checkout you will be able to select the shipping address for the giftee.

Skip your Subscription

This feature allows you to skip an upcoming shipment. This is useful if you will be away on holiday or have too much of the product. You will be allowed to skip up to seven orders.

Cancel your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at anytime after receiving a minimum of two orders.