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I am very happy with my morning tea.

Makaibari Estate Darjeeling.

A bit light for my personal taste, I found that a 6 minute brew and an extra spoonful per pot helps

Real Tea full of flavor

I love these tea full stop!

Luam F.
Love this tea!

I love this tea! I just had it with some friends and they loved it as well. I've tried other detox tea and it usually has a strong dandelion taste but this one was perfect.

Fruity Lemon
Christine S.

This caffeine free tea is so delicious and refreshing. It does need to be steeped for the full length of time quoted to get the full flavour and I love it.

Red Orange
Christine S.

I love the delicate flavour of the teas I ordered, the lemon and also the red orange. And they are caffeine free which is a real bonus. I bought 2 extra packets as a gift and I know the recipient will love them. I might even get a little glass teapot as well to make it an all-round gift. I shall certainly be buying more. Thank you Ten-Teas

I love this tea!

I have been looking for Lapsang Souchon loose tea for some time now, as I love the taste. It seems to lose flavour when brewed in teabags. Your tea is excellent. I will buy from you in the future.

Kosabei Estate Tea
Catherine C.

Great tea,

Camomile Flowers
Joamne N.
Gorgeous teas

Couldn’t be more pleased with the variety and quality of the products.
Highly recommend xx

Tea pot

Nice compact teapot

Bamboo Temple Yunnan

Simply Rooibos
Heather P.
Great tea.

First class tea. Well packed. Prompt delivery. Really enjoy the taste, and no sugar or milk required. Great cold with a slice of lemon or lime.

Very smooth

This is a very nice everyday tea. There is no after taste and it is a very balanced flavour.

Fantastic variety and well presented.

I've tried a few tea subscription boxes and this is by far the best. We've only had 5 of the 10 teas so far and each has been so unique and delicious and everything is truly sustainable. I'd highly recommend this to any tea lovers out there!

A strong start to the day

Strong brew, lovely for breakfast or with strong flavoured snacks.

Belly Be Calm

It has a lovely taste and smells lovely. Will buy again.

Simply Rooibos
Veronica H.
Simply Rooibois

Enjoying the tea very much. Easy to handle, taste is clean, refreshing, light yet full of flavour. My order was handled quickly and received on time as promised. Also pleased that I can compost the leaves safely.

Lovely full bodied tea.

I love this tea. If you like a proper strong cup of tea it''s for you. Ordering again. Just leave to brew for 5 minutes and you get a lovely strong cups.👍👍👍👍👍

Assam with body

This is a delightful full bodied Assam with a pleasing copper colour and aroma. The taste has a strong enough tannin to work well with a small amount of Earl Grey, a personallly favoured early morning blend. Refreshing and stimulating...great way to start the day.

Assam with a light smokiness

This is a distinctive Assam having moderate copper colouring and a really interesting flavour mix with light but discernible smokiness. I have also sampled it with a light Earl Grey and it’s very refreshing.

Beautiful aroma and a wonderful taste

I loved the taste

Worth trying

There is a light smokiness with this Earl Grey which was very pleasant. The Bergamot was too stringent for my taste, but others will like. The service from Ten Teas was superb.

Formosa Oolong
Lesley M.

Fabulous. My favourite tea.

Has become one of my favorites 🤩

I love the combination of rooibous and earl grey- highly recommended

Strong Earl Grey
Aleksander L.

Strong Earl Grey