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Assam with body

This is a delightful full bodied Assam with a pleasing copper colour and aroma. The taste has a strong enough tannin to work well with a small amount of Earl Grey, a personallly favoured early morning blend. Refreshing and stimulating...great way to start the day.

Assam with a light smokiness

This is a distinctive Assam having moderate copper colouring and a really interesting flavour mix with light but discernible smokiness. I have also sampled it with a light Earl Grey and it’s very refreshing.

Beautiful aroma and a wonderful taste

I loved the taste

Worth trying

There is a light smokiness with this Earl Grey which was very pleasant. The Bergamot was too stringent for my taste, but others will like. The service from Ten Teas was superb.

Fabulous. My favourite tea.

Has become one of my favorites 🤩

I love the combination of rooibous and earl grey- highly recommended

Strong Earl Grey

A tea that tastes only of tea

Most tea today tastes of the packaging, of cardboard. If you love tea, and a true, pure tea taste, then try Damman Freres teas! A beautiful taste to the bottom of your tea cup - and wonderful customer service from Ten-Teas too! Thank you.

Best oolong we’ve tried in a while

This is a lovely smooth oolong. We will be re-ordering very soon!

Best tea ever

I love this tea so much! Taste lovely, smells nice! Drink it on its own or with a splash of milk. This Russian Earl grey makes my tea time more enjoyable ever! Highly recommended

Very good tea

Very good tea. Good price 👍

Belly Be Calm

Second time buying

Great tea

The best Rooibos tea I've found

Like all Damman Freres teas, this Rooibos is pure and light to drink, with a dash of milk or 'black' if you prefer. Damman Frere teas taste only of the pure tea taste and make you realise how inferior every day teas are. This is well worth the extra money, if you are a tea purist.

A totally beautiful French Fruit Tea Infusion

Damman Freres make the best teas of any kind, in my mind but due to Brexit I can no longer buy direct so I was delighted to discover Ten-Teas who can supply a variety of Damman teas and infusions. Their customer service has also been second to none, excellent. Thank you so much.

Amazing selection

Great selection and loads of tea in each sachet!

Sweet aroma

Love this tea. It's full bodied with nice sweet aroma.


It is so worth the wait! Such variety of teas to try!! Will order again in the coming future!!!

My favourite English Breakfast

Great quality - lovely flavour.

Great flavour

Lovely black tea with the chai spice flavour. Really enjoyed it. Excellent service as well 👍🏽

Very happy with the purchase.

Bough a ten teas box. Great selection of tasty teas, recommended!

London Breakfast tea

Very nice light refreshing tasting tea, love the aroma a really pleasant tasting tea.

My favourite tea brand

Delicious and clearly a quality product. Will buy again!

Rainbow Rooibos

Amazing ordered for the second time but this time we bought the bigger bag.

Santa's wonderful teas!

Once again TT produce a wonderful tea goodies experience. I'm slowly working through the box, making sure each tea is properly savoured. So far each sampling yields a warming and festive 5 star winner.

So why only a measly 4 stars?

Well, personally the little extra non-tea items are a mistake to my mind - I frowned especially hard at the pure sugar sticks.

This did not sit well with healthful and wonderful teas.

At least the little shortbread spoons were not quite so obviously unhealthy, I might give one of those to a child, but would not give those great wodges of sugar sticks to any one whose well being mattered to me!

Perhaps a dentist only interested in making a lot of money, rather than in keeping their client's teeth in good condition might look favourably on these!

Meanwhile, I shall just savour the sips of ten more tea gems