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Cool Mint

Prem Earl Grey

Very nice, Bergamot and slightly woody flavour. However the sample of the creamy EG left me cold. Did not like the combination of Bergamot and Vanilla. Thank you for letting me try it .

Ten Teas Explorer Box

Ten Teas

Love the variety! am definitely sold on "proper" tea. Teabags are now a thing of the past for me!

Robust Breakfast Tea

Very robust and nutty. Highly recommended!

A great Assam tea

Harmutty's second flush tea makes an excellent cuppa, ideal with breakfast. It has a full-bodied, robust and malty flavour. The liquor is bright amber in colour and the tea has a good amount of golden tips.

Bamboo Yunnan Temple

Beautiful tea, have never had before and the description on the website described this tea perfectly.
Will buy again.
Thank you

First box of many!!

I absolutely love my first box of Ten Teas. I’m working my way through, trying each packet once. They’ve all been fab so far. Thank you

Bamboo Yunnan Temple

lovely malty flavour...beautiful

quality product, reasonable price

Ten teas

Nice teas and you get a fair bit in each one. Well 'appy with it. Ten out of ten for the ten teas.

Excellent product

The tea blend is amazing, and the service awesome!

Lemon Sencha

Very pleasant tea I let this seep for 2 minutes 40 seconds and found this ideal, nice colour and you can taste the lemon very refreshing.


Have tried 2 so far
Irish morning rum lovely way to start the morning with a lovely rum flavour, not too strong
Sweet ginger, not too sweet and beautiful chilled on a warm day.

10 Little surprises

received the first box and was pleasantly surprised with the variety and taste, I not much of a herbal fan but wow that sweet ginger was incredibly nice and sweet and very moreish highly recommend now a convert to herbal tea. looking forward to the next box thank you.

Nettle Leaves

Ten Teas review

Very good range of teas! 10/10

Jasmine Tea

great product for valuable prices

super quick delivery, thank you!

Lovely, tasty, refreshing red tea

I recommend all tea lovers to sample these delightful tea varieties

Fantastic quality teas for a great price!

Most wonderful flavours and great quality teas - ordered selection box and was pleasantly surprised. Also tea bags for loose tea are purely brilliant - i do recommend to get some of those if you are a tea lover and want some convenience.

Strong & Pleasant

I love this tea as an alternative to coffee in the morning. It makes a really decent cuppa and it is organic.

Never thought that I can actually eat the tea after infusion 💝

This tea is having real forest fruits plus sultanas and other plants which gives him an unique flavour. After I am making the tea, I take a few fruits and eat them. Its full of flavour and intense, completely fall in love with 😍

The best detox tea ☕

I purchased this tea two weeks ago and since then I am drinking it daily. Make me feel fresh and energised. I highly recommend it!

Explorer Box

Tried all the teas. Enjoyed them all. Would recommend if you like a change from the usual..