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My favourite tea brand

Delicious and clearly a quality product. Will buy again!

Rainbow Rooibos

Amazing ordered for the second time but this time we bought the bigger bag.

Santa's wonderful teas!

Once again TT produce a wonderful tea goodies experience. I'm slowly working through the box, making sure each tea is properly savoured. So far each sampling yields a warming and festive 5 star winner.

So why only a measly 4 stars?

Well, personally the little extra non-tea items are a mistake to my mind - I frowned especially hard at the pure sugar sticks.

This did not sit well with healthful and wonderful teas.

At least the little shortbread spoons were not quite so obviously unhealthy, I might give one of those to a child, but would not give those great wodges of sugar sticks to any one whose well being mattered to me!

Perhaps a dentist only interested in making a lot of money, rather than in keeping their client's teeth in good condition might look favourably on these!

Meanwhile, I shall just savour the sips of ten more tea gems

Smoky Delight

Delightfully smoky and deep black tea, a rich flavour that conjures up thoughts of bonfires and hearths.

Birthday Gift

Bought this gift set for a friend in another county and had it delivered there with free postage and packing. Friend was delighted with product. Easy to arrange and organise. Would highly recommend this company. Good communication.

Consistently good

A speedy next day delivery of TEN TEAS breakfast teas

The tea is very nice, thank you ❤️

Thank you for being so helpful

Lovely teas.

I got the 'Fall in love with our tea' box, which is very aptly named, as that's exactly what I did, they are gorgeous! My favourites are the maple-walnut oolong and the gingerbread rooibos, but the rest are lovely as well. Thank you for the delicious tea!

irritates my throat

I have a cold and sore throat and this tea irritates my throat and makes it worse

<p>Sorry to hear the tea was not to you liking. We would like to send you an alternative cold &amp; flu tea as a replacement.</p>

Assam Breakfast Blend

great purchase

love the tea flavour, very creamy but not overbearing. service was excellent as well and quick.will be buying again

No Caffeine Tea Gift Set

Strong, Indeed. And Tasty.

This has quickly become my go-to tea for the mornings, by the pint. The leaves are coarsely cut, with very little dust; the flavour is, as promised, strong, whilst also very nicely balanced.

My favourite

I have been drinking this tea for probably 25 years (I’m from Canada) and I’m so glad to find a UK stockist.

It’s a classically slightly smoky rooibos but with a bit of almond and fruit. Not too tart and not overwhelming. I just love it.

Plus: the packaging and speed of delivery is highly recommended.

Lapsang Souchong Butterfly - Wholesale

Eco-Friendly Ten Teas Explorer Box

Eco-Friendly Ten Teas Explorer Box

Great quality tea

Really nice tea, great in flavour we ordered 5 different flavour of rooibos tea and we like each and one of them!

English Breakfast Blend

Premium Earl Grey

I am a very discerning tea-drinker – only Earl Grey will do the job.
I stumbled upon Ten-Teas by accident, and headed straight for their EG, where I purchased the ‘Premium’ brand. As soon as I opened the bag, I knew I was in for a treat. A subtle intriguing fragrance, which when drinking, did not disappoint. The adjective ‘Splendid’ simply does not do it justice, you have to move through ‘Marvellous’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Incredible’, until you finally get to… ‘Glorious’. It is simply a glorious sensory experience.
I mistakenly tried the ‘Creamy EG’, but found the vanilla didn’t agree with my [refined] palate.
If you are also a discerning Earl Grey drinker, then I wholeheartedly recommend their ‘Premium’ offering – did I say it was ‘Glorious’…


Lovely refreshing tea. Good value for money and better than tea bags

Earl Grey, Lapsang souchong, Jasmine Green Tea

Excellent quality teas, in compostable and recyclable packaging, delivered quickly, 'Nuff sed!

Amazing tea🤩

Keeping rooibos fans and chai fans sharing a brew together

I like rooibos, and I like the kind of spices in chai, so I expected to like this and I did. I found the pepper notes and the pepperiness within cardamon were what I first got - I think of these as pointy, pungent spicy - ginger too, but ginger has what to me are round, sweet earthy spicy. The warm sweet nutmeg clove cinnamon, puddingy cake bake flavours were less in evidence. I liked the blend of zing refresh rooibos with the chai spice blend.

I think this will be particularly nice in winter, though I might be tempted to add a cinnamon stick to the teapot!