Ilam Estate Tea


This tea has lovely hints of muscatel and good strength, similar to an excellent Darjeeling.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

 Black Tea

About This Loose Leaf Tea

Ilam Estate has a Darjeeling-like character with good muscatel flavour. Some may ask:'What is the muscatel flavour?' When you taste this tea you will experience an almost perfume like character that some tea drinkers call 'Chanel like': others call the Darjeeling character 'slightly over-fired' or oaky.

The muscatel flavour is the natural taste of the tea - becoming more pronounced during April (light tasting with astringency and intense flavour) and June (intense flavour with more body). The flavour of this tea is on account of the altitude of the tea estate, the soil conditions in the Himalayas the weather patterns temperature the originating species of the bush (Chinese genus as opposed to the Indian genus) and fermenting techniques; it has nothing to do with the tea being over-fired (over-fired is a description of poor manufacturing techniques).


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