Echinacea Tea first became popular through its consumption among many Native American tribes for its incredible health promoting properties. Little has changed since then, and today, modern research has since been able to prove its use for a number of ailments prevalent in western society. Echinacea Herb Tea captures all of these amazing health benefits in a delicious and convenient herbal-tea-form. It is one of our most popular herbal teas, and is noted for its smooth, herbaceous flavours and mesmerising aromas.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients


About This Loose Leaf Tea

Echinacea is a perennial, herbaceous, flowering plant originally native to the midwestern region of North America. It can only be found growing wild in these areas, although it is now also cultivated in much of the United States, Canada (notably the province of Saskatchewan) and Europe. Known by many names, including ‘Purple Coneflower’, ‘Sampson Root’, ‘Snakeroot’, ‘Scurvy Root’, ‘Indian Head’, and even ‘Hedgehog’.

The Echinacea plant actually belongs to the daisy (Asteraceae) family! It can grow up to twenty inches (50 centimetres) in height, and produces large, beautiful, purple flowers, and a sizable central ‘cone’ hence the name, ‘Purple Coneflower’. The cone, in particular, is actually a seed head with sharp spines. It’s generic name, Echinacea, is rooted in the Greek word, echinos, which means ‘hedgehog’, thus accounting for another one of its fascinating nicknames. There are a total of nine different species of the Echinacea plant; four of which can be used for their medicinal purposes. This herbal tisane uses the Echinacea Angustifolia variant, which literally means “narrow-leaved”.


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