Christmas Edition Ten Teas Gift Set - Limited Edition


We created this limited Christmas edition tea gift set that includes our exclusive range of winter warming teas. This is an ideal gift set for yourself your friends and loved ones. 

    Whats Included

    1 x Box of Tea Chocolates

    1 x Pack of Rock Sugar Sticks

    10 x Mini Shortcrust Teaspoons

    1 Cup Tea mug with infuser

    1 Cup of perfect loose leaf tea spoon

    10 x popular ten teas explorer box selection of winter warming teas. Up to 200 grams of  loose leaf tea - up to 20 grams per selection.  

    Our Winter Warming Teas

    1. Chinese Almond Tea - This almond tea has a wonderful aromatic fragrance that will delight your senses. The natural chopped pieces of Almond give off a wonderful aroma and infuse with the black tea base to make a delicious, sweet tea. 

    2. Creamy Earl Grey - Our flavoury Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy taste. An excellent all day tea with a superb finish.

    3. Bourbon Vanilla Chai - A warming blend of black tea, cardamom, clove and cinnamon finished with a shot of old-fashioned, creamy 'Bourbon' Vanilla from Madagascar. 

    4. Chocolate loves Mint - Fresh lovely mint combined with full flavoured chocolate tea that is wonderfully reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. How decadent! 

    5. Christmas Cookie Infusion - This is a blend of Hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces, orange peels and flavour. The liquor is bright red with a beautiful bouquet and a superb sweet and fruity flavour that simply tastes of everything that’s Christmas.

    6. Golden Glow - This herbal tea blend is caffeine free and will work wonders for your skin and tastes delicious as well. 
    Turmeric root and Beet help improve the complexion with a detoxifying effect. We can't forget about the skin powerhouse carrot, which is packed full of beta carotene and vitamin C. Get your glow back from the inside out! 

    7. Green Tea with Chocolate Cake, Pear & Ginger - The scent of ripe pears, butter, sugar and sweet chocolate chips all baked together in a mouth-watering cake are bound to awaken the festive spirit. 

    8. Cinnamon & Apple White tea with Mullein Flowers - We combined mullein flowers which is known for its health promoting properties with the noble white tea, hot cinnamon and apple bits. It's extremely well-balanced and clean tasting with no weird off flavour.

    9. Rice Pudding Milk Oolong - This treat of a tea has a wonderful smooth creamy milky sweet aroma and mouth feel. Milky oolong teas are quite the latest trend! oolong teas are halfway between green and black teas.

    10. Winter Palace Marzipan Rooibos - What a tea! Premium Moroccan almonds give the German inspired marzipan a magnificent boost. Rooibos and marzipan were meant for each other.


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