No Caffeine Tea Gift Set


We stock a great selection of naturally caffeine free herbal tisanes, fruit infusions and our popular range of rooibos blends. Our caffeine free teas are soothing, gentle, full of flavour and can be enjoyed at any time of the day even before bedtime.

We think we chose the perfect selection of teas to compliment this exquisite tea gift set.  

    Whats Included

    You will receive, 1 x Cool Mint, 1 x Blood  Orange, 1 x Sweet Ginger, 1 x Rainbow Rooibos

    Up to 160 grams of  loose leaf tea - up to 40 grams per selection (packed in resealable pouches)

    1 Cup Tea mug with infuser

    1 Cup of perfect loose leaf tea spoon

    About This Product

     Cool Mint -  This blend creates a wonderful freshness through the lemongrass and apple combined with the wonderful aroma from peppermint. A unique taste experience is achieved with this blend. 

    Blood Orange - Blood Orange Infusion is naturally sweet and caffeine free made with blood orange pieces, hibiscus and rosehip for an intense and tasty infusion. The blood orange is a universal favourite with its deep vibrant colour and sweet tangy flavour . A perfect ingredient for a refreshing herbal blend.

    Sweet Ginger - The cup of this delightfully light and sweet herb tea blend receives its fresh flavour from the infusion of lemongrass, lemon granules and sugared ginger pieces. The added aromas of pineapple, ginger and some berries perfectly complement the fresh taste. 

    Rainbow Rooibos - The flavour profile of this tea is a pot of gold. A terrific fruit medley with Amaretto notes.


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