Lovers Leap Estate Tea


A lovely highly aromatic soft tea with traditional floral notes- The Champagne of Sri Lanka.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

 Black Tea

About This Loose Leaf Tea

Lover's Leap (a western tea estate) is one of the best tea gardens in Sri Lanka. During its peak season (Feb/Mar) this estate production is characterized by a delightful flavour that is astringent and lively. The best weather for producing quality tea highlighted by cool nights dry weather and bright sunny days. These conditions force the tea bush to expend all its energies on the new growth leaves giving the tea its best flavour. During Feb. and March. The cool moisture laden northeast monsoon winds after travelling across the Bay of Bengal 'hit' the island. The winds rise as they cross the Central Highlands of SriLanka. As the air rises it cools and the moisture condenses giving rise to very wet conditions on the east side of the central divide but dry and cool rain shadow conditions on the western side. Not surprisingly the western tea estates peak in quality.


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