Jade Oolong


This select speciality is only produced in the mountainous region Nantou in Taiwan and is valued highly by tea connoisseurs around the world. It is only briefly pre-fermented and firmly rolled by hand as opposed to other Oolongs. The relatively short fermentation time ensures the rather light and fresh character, in contrast to the rather heavy, green Oolongs which have a more tangy depth and spicy body. The leaf structure shines in olive and jade shades. The cup is a light amber colour. The first infusion is very vivid and reminds of the scent of peach blossoms.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

 Oolong Tea

About This Loose Leaf Tea

An Oolong oxidised at approximately 18% to retain a greener character. Very sweet and aromatic this is the kind of tea much favoured by Taiwan tea connoiseurs. A very fine tea. A low-elevation spring-plucked Taiwanese oolong. Our Jade Oolong has undergone medium-tight rolling and medium roasting which brings out both a flavour and an aroma of honey and cassia flowers. The aftertaste will linger for a few minutes after drinking allowing one to enjoy the tea until the last drop has been consumed. Our Jade Oolong is produced around Ming Jien village Nantou County located in central Taiwan. It is a hybrid varietal brought into being in the 70's by the Taiwan Tea Experimental Station.


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