Happy Valley Estate Tea


Happy Valley’s elevation produces a stunning tea with notes of muscatel, toast, wine and subtle peach. An exceptional Darjeeling.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

 Black Tea

About This Loose Leaf Tea

Happy Valley produces some of Darjeeling's most stunning teas. While Happy Valley now produces some of Darjeeling's most stunning teas things haven't always been happy-go-lucky on the estate. In fact, for a period of time in the early part of the new millennium, it looked as though the estate which has been in operation since 1854 would cease production. Factory equipment was falling apart bush maintenance had fallen by the wayside and labour disputes threatened to shut the entire site down. The future of Happy Valley looked grim. Luckily the current owners of the Estate (purchased in the early 2000s) recognized the potential of Happy Valley and have done an incredible job turning the place around.In terms of tea producing, pedigree Happy Valley has virtually no peer. Located just outside the town of Darjeeling the 437-acre estate sits in the mist-shrouded heights of the Himalayas no fewer than 6800 ft (2100 m) above sea level.


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