Going Green Tea Gift Set


Green tea attracts a lot of attention from every corner of the globe due to the variety of health benefits it offers, such as natural weight loss, hair loss prevention, cancer prevention, dental health improvement, anti-ageing, prevention of diabetes and many other medicinal properties.

We stock a wide range of green teas and green tea blends. For our Going Green Tea Gift Set we selected four of our popular green teas that would surely turn you into a green tea convert.  

    Whats Included

    You will receive, 1 x Lemon Sencha, 1 x Moroccan Green Mint, 1 x Amarena Cherry Yoghurt, 1 x Sunshine Passion

    Up to 160 grams of  loose leaf tea - up to 40 grams per selection 

    1 Cup Tea mug with infuser

    1 Cup of perfect loose leaf tea spoon

    About This Product

     Lemon Sencha - The aromas of brewed green tea and tingling, fresh lemon complement one another perfectly. The select green tea basis perfectly supports the sour aroma. The added lemon flavour is responsible for a subtle sweetness which gives a real kick to this tea creation.

    Moroccan Green Mint - Moroccan Mint Tea consists of Chinese Green Gunpowder Tea, coupled with exquisitely dried peppermint herb. Combined, these two ingredients are simply heavenly, and also work together to offer incredible health benefits. Perhaps more importantly, however, Moroccan Mint Tea is a cornerstone of Moroccan tradition. It has been consumed for hundreds of years, and remains embedded in the country’s culture.

    Amarena Cherry Yoghurt - This flavoured green tea blend with juicy cherry and smooth almond flavours topped by a creamy yoghurt taste will let the Italian heart beat faster.

    Sunshine Passion - This noble blend of different green and white teas captivates the senses with the typical, attractive Pai Mu Tan and a Yunnan which is dominated by light, fluffy tips. Yellow rose buds, pineapple flakes and mango cubes enhance the delicate yet significant freshness of this aromatic variety. The tea leaves dominate the overall taste with their typically delicate, slightly bitter notes. A touch of juicy pear and creamy sweet exotic envelop the characteristic of green tea. 


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    never fails to amaze me, great tasting teas!

    Thank you again