Fujian Premium Jasmine


The basis for this Chinese specialty is a green tea to which during drying time fresh jasmine blossoms have been added. The blossoms are later partially removed. The classical form of flavouring has been known in China for some 1.000 years. The jasmine tea is practically the national drink of the Chinese and is consumed at each time of day and on each occasion. This quality is one of the most consumed. This sweet blend still has quite a lot of blossoms, which leave an intense, flowery jasmine taste and scent.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

 Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers

About This Loose Leaf Tea

There are many different grades of jasmine tea. This particular grade is the first grade below the exotic jasmines. It has all the flavour aroma and good green tea qualities but not the exorbitant price. In China they declare this jasmine tea as 'Jasmine #1'.The production of jasmine tea is quite interesting. It is important, to begin with high-quality green tea .Tea that has been produced between the middle of March and the middle of May. Equally important for jasmine tea are fine jasmine blossoms-flowers that bloom between the 1st of May and the end of May.


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