British Breakfast Tea Gift Set


We created the ideal tea gift set to celebrate our rich cultural heritage of drinking tea. What better way to do it by offering you a taste of our special breakfast blends celebrating all the four regions that makes up Britain.  

    Whats Included

    You will receive, 1 x English Breakfast Blend, 1 x Scottish Breakfast Blend, 1 x Brunswick Breakfast Blend, 1 x Irish Breakfast Blend

    Up to 160 grams of  loose leaf tea - up to 40 grams per selection 

    1 Cup Tea mug with infuser

    1 Cup of perfect loose leaf tea spoon

    About This Product

     Each of our breakfast blend has a completely different emphasis - 

    English Breakfast Blend - A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavour notes. Coppery bright especially enticing with milk.

    Scottish Breakfast Blend - Malty full-bodied character with bright flavoury notes and hints of cask oakiness.

    Wales / Brunswick Breakfast Blend - A superb rosy colour with vitality to awaken you in the morning. A slight oaky flavour indicative of Dimbula. Balanced to quaff all day. the loose leaf produces an excellent rounded intenseness. Takes milk very well.

    Irish Breakfast Blend - A stout robust blend of February Kenya BP1 and 2nd flush Assam. Superb colour and very full bodied. Excellent in the early morning or afternoon.


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    A perfect gift

    I bought this as a small thank you gift for two dear friends. They were delighted with it.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.