Orange with Zest


Sweet, bright infusion. The astringency of citrus blends exceptionally well with that of the Ceylon tea base. Fantastic iced.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

Black tea, Orange pieces, Blackberry & Lime leaves, and Natural flavours

About This Loose Leaf Tea

Oranges are the primary source of vitamin C for the majority of North Americans. But is there any fruit taken more for granted than the noble orange? Did you know, for example, that a variation of the word orange first appeared in Sanskrit, the world’s oldest written language? It’s true. The location of the orange’s physical origin however is up for grabs. China, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Malaysia all claim that the fruit originated within their borders.

What we do know is that oranges arrived in the West via India and that by the fall of the Roman Empire orange groves thrived on the Italian peninsula. After that, in the 6th and 7th centuries, a Muslim Empire stretching from India to Spain saw the orange introduced to the Spanish. Then from Spain, in 1492, by none other than Christopher Columbus, orange seeds were transported to the new world. Then, sometime in the late 20th century, natural orange flavouring was added to a high grown Ceylon and voila, the bag of tea you are holding in your hand right now – absolutely delicious.


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