Key Benefits of The Trust Tea Box

The loose leaf teas in The Trust Tea Box are specially chosen for their health promoting properties.


Dragonwell Lung Jing / Pure Green Kakagawa / Red Ginseng

Key Ingredient: Green Tea

This tea is drunk widely across Asia. The rates of many cancers are much lower in Asia than other parts of the world. Some people believe this is because of the high intake of green tea.

Goji Berry 

Key Ingredient: Goji Berries

The scientific community has been investigating the health benefits of goji berries, as the popularity of these tiny fruits has grown. Their purported benefits range from anti-aging effects to glucose regulation and immune function support

Greek Mountain Top 

Key Ingredient: Greek Mountain Tea

German research on Greek mountain tea, also known as ironwort and Tsai tou Vounou, strongly indicated that it can prevent or even reverse Alzheimer’s disease.



Lapacho Bark 

Key Ingredient: Lapacho Inner Bark

The inner bark of the Lapacho tree was an all-round remedy of the Incas. Today local South Americans also use Lapacho against all kinds of diseases. Not until in the second half of the twentieth century Lapacho was discovered by the researchers and medical doctors of the occident. In Europe, Lapacho is rather unknown, but in North America, it is a fashion remedy. Some praise Lapacho as a kind of miracle cures that can control even cancer other assume a pure placebo effect from the Lapacho tea.

Lemon Moringa 

Key Ingredient: Moringa Leaves

When it comes to moringa benefits, there are almost too many to count! Native to Africa and Asia, the Moringa Tree, or Moringa Oleifera to use its scientific name, is one of the most nutrient-rich plants in the world. Researchers show it could be used as a treatment for cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases.




Red Ginseng 

Key Ingredient: Ginseng

Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Some research indicated that ginseng consumption is associated with a significantly decreased risk of cancer.

Sunshine Lemon Rooibos

Key Ingredient: Rooibos

It contains highly effective antioxidants that fight a large range of diseases. In fact, there is almost no part of your body that doesn’t benefit from Rooibos. From your skin, to your heart, to your bones, this high-antioxidant tea is nothing short of extraordinary.

Nettle Leaves 

Key Ingredient: Nettle Leaves

Nettle has historically been used to treat pain and sore muscles, especially related to arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation suggests that nettle tea may also reduce the inflammation and pain association with osteoarthritis.

White Earl Grey

Key Ingredient: White Tea & Bergamot Oil

White tea contains the same types of polyphenols as green tea, but in different proportions. Those present in greater amounts may be responsible for white tea's enhanced cancer-fighting potential. Bergamot Oil contain strong anti-aging properties. It includes one of the polyphenols that can induce and increase the rate of the autophagy process.